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Instead of lying on the floor next time just cut a few simple plywood disks
to fit into the ends of your tube, and then make a simple support with some
old scrap 2 x 4's lumber and add a crank on one end and a bearing on the
other end.  Very simple, easy to make, and it will same you time while
allowing you to make a much neater looking coil.



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><<  I've wound 700-800mm of
> #26 SWG wire on  a 100mm PVC tube so far. By hand. Pipe lying on the
> Aggghhh! >>
>The old timer radio hams were also faced with the problem of winding coils
>The easiest method was to simply anchor your spool of wire in a vise and
>coil by holding the form in your hands. As you walk towards the anchored
>spool you
>can keep tension on the wire. Beats knee pads.
>Good luck on your coil.
>Ralph Zekelman