Re: Designing an optimized Magnifier

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<< Maybe the best argument in favor of the magnifier is that it allows 
> quick energy transfer, without the compromise between tight transformer
> coupling and insulation of a two-coils system (modes 123, 125, etc.).
> And in this case, fast quenching may be really required.
> Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz


Yes, I wasn't able to quench on those fast beats in my tests, but maybe
with a *huge* maggy, running at very low frequency, the notches would
be wide enough to possibly quench on those beats, but I think it will
still be very difficult judging by the difficulty that Greg had in quenching
on his classic Electrum TC.  Another question is whether or not the
extra voltage will translate into longer sparks, since there seems to
be some indication that spark lengths are quite dependent on
power input rather than absolute voltage perhaps.  In any case, it
will be interesting to see what happens.  Some sort of back to back
H2 thryratrons might be helpful for fast quenching, or something like
the GTO stacks that Greg mentioned.  

John Freau