Some different style Tesla Coils; pictures...



is a link to some different style coils I've made in the last month or two.

Pictured is an odd height:diameter ratio (less than 1:1) Oudin Resonator, 
with special tungsten finned series spark gap. (9kV 60mA NST, 10.75" dia x 
10" tall primary+secondary, 8" thick hot sparks, no top capacity)

Also is a small Tesla Coil, electromagnetic interrupter driven (powered by 
110V, NO electronics whatsoever)
It throws a 1" series of sparks, and is based on one of several 1920s 
portable high frequency/cautery machines.

Also pictured is my odd invention of a "wall-mount Tesla Coil", original 
Behary fire-hazard and OSHA disapproved.  Currently owned by Charles Brush.
(Charles, if you are reading this, I have some arc carbons for you...)

Coming soon (w/in a week or so) will be my 4 foot diameter flat spiral Tesla 
Coil, and 22 inch diameter Colorado Springs wanna-be coil...

Jeff Behary

Electrotherapy Museum
"Home of the scariest Geissler Tubes"

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