Using MicroSim

I just spent the last hour or so playing around with Terry's MicroSim files 
(thanks for directing me to those Terry) and I think I've learned a lot. I 
also have a lot of questions about what I've been seeing. First off I thought 
it was brilliant how the various components were put together to simulate 
what a real coil would do, however I'm not sure I know what all of these 
parts are. Can someone explain to me what a MOV is and what it does? Also by 
plotting several of the probe things next to eachother I noticed that the 
sine wave of the starting AC voltage is exactly opposite of the wave coming 
out of the transformer, can anyone explain this to me? I'm not sure I 
understand how the primary coil of the TC was simulated in these schematics 
either, I see that the secondary coil was simulated with capacitors and 
resistors (with values no doubt obtained through wintesla or something 
similar) but I don't understand how the primary coil fits in, how are things 
like turn spacing and wire width taken into account? Perhaps these are 
prefigured and then the values plugged in with parts that can approximate a 
primary, if so which parts should I be looking for? And how would I put a 
probe onto the primary and one on the secondary to compare these waves? I 
assume they would be the same but I'd like to see it anyway out of curiosity. 
Any other suggestions as to what I should try messing with next in these 
programs would be appreciated, I think MicroSim deffinately has potential but 
it'll probably take me awhile to find it all, until then I'm off to go play 
with it some more :)

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