Re: coax braid vs. solid conductor, was coil pictures ando

Malcolm said, in response to SEBASTIAN R GAETA,


> Braid does measurably reduce the Q of
> a good circuit. In the primary, one has the gap and if some added
> resistance appears in the circuit, gap current will be a bit lower
> along with the corresponding VI gap loss (assuming V plateaus at a
> low voltage which curves I've seen suggest it does).
> Regards,
> Malcolm

This is true which has been nicely discussed in the past. It is worth noting
that whilst primary Q is best optimised, it is still the gap in the primary
which is usually the dominating component. There's not so much point in
improving the primary conductor  and hence primary inductor Q if the spark
gap is still lousy.

Once the gap has been optimised, then you can start worrying about the
conductor details.

No doubt malcolm and others have emphasised this fact recently, and more
eloquently, but it is worth remembering.