Re: newbie here, sorry for interrupting....


 If you use the same Ac voltage/freq as here in OZ I will look for a tranny if
you want one and send it over:-)


 Robin Copini In OZ!.

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Alan Podjursky <alan.p-at-clear-dot-net.nz>
> sorry for intruding, but i have a question...
> I couldn't find a nice neon transformer place here in Wanganui, New Zealand
> and can't find any leads on local places with HV xformers, so I decided to
> make me a solid state tesla coil (Steve Gantt's plans). The worst thing on
> this plan is importing the amidon thingy.
> My question is, does anyone have any advice for me? I've wound 700-800mm of
> #26 SWG wire on  a 100mm PVC tube so far. By hand. Pipe lying on the floor.
> Aggghhh!
> another question, any NZ'ers who can tell me where to get a HV xformer for
> tesla usage?
> thanks in advance,
> AlanP