Re: Designing an optimized Magnifier


I have set up a small web page showing the optimum magnifier design,

Essentially the same material that I posted, but with some extra
comments and some pictures of simulated waveforms for several of the
possible operating modes.
Eventually I plan to build a device based on those design equations.

I am not sure yet if there is some real advantage of the magnifier,
even optimized, in relation to a properly designed conventional
Tesla coil. The argument that for the same primary capacitor and top
terminal sizes the magnifier allows higher voltage gain, because the
self-capacitance of the third coil can be smaller, mostly fails when 
it is considered that the third coil must be long enough to sustain
this voltage, and so must have a self-capacitance equivalent to the
one of a secondary coil of a tesla coil. It is true that without the
primary around, this capacitance may be somewhat smaller. 
Maybe the best argument in favor of the magnifier is that it allows 
quick energy transfer, without the compromise between tight transformer
coupling and insulation of a two-coils system (modes 123, 125, etc.).
And in this case, fast quenching may be really required.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz