Re: MicroSim

Hi Daniel,

	The first time everyone loads MicroSim, it looks pretty nasty.  However,
it's extraordinary power and the wonderful things it can do will quickly
get you hooked.  I have found it vital for my work with Tesla coils.  I
looked at every circuit simulation thing I could get my hands on back when
I started working on Tesla coil models and MicroSim is by far the best.

	Here are my "make it do something quick" instructions.  First, forget all
the funny little sub programs like PC boards, Optimizer and all that goofy
stuff.  The important ones will be called up automatically.  The one you
want is SCHEMATICS!! (start from Design Manager).  Click on that one and
simply load a TC model like the ones at my site:

	www.peakpeak-dot-com/~terryf/tesla/misc/LTRbig1.sch    (the latest!)

The files end in *.sch

	When you open a *.sch file, a schematic will pop up.  The program runs all
the voltages and currents over a time frame set up by the "Setup Analysis"
icon (has blue bar along the top) but this is already setup in my files.
To make the program go through the simulation, just click the "Simulate"
icon (looks like a yellow graph).  A window will pop up showing that it is
thinking.  After awhile, the "probe" window will pop up.  This may show
something or not depending on the model (LTRbig1.sch shows output voltage.
Use the magnifying glass with the blue square to zoom in on a pulse).  To
see any point on the schematic, click on the "Add Trace" icon (red graph)
and select from the plethora of available voltages and currents to graph
(the left column) and hit "ok".  That waveform will be displayed.  You will
quickly learn all kinds of fun things about Tesla coil (maybe more than you
want to know :-))

	There are zillions of features and settings but this will get you started
fast.  Most people just play with it and pick up on how it works pretty
quickly.  Once you see it go, it is pretty straight forward.  There are a
few little bugs but they are pretty benign.

	The above file (LTRbig1.sch) has the variac, neon, filter....  all shown.
These are made up from simpler parts.  The parameters and makeup of these
gets kind of involved but we have already figured most of that out.  The
model can be tailored to you coil without too much trouble.  I can help
with that if you need...

Of course, I can try to answer any other questions you (or anyone else) may
have.  Feel free to ask away...  Always glad to have another convert to the
"modeling club".



At 03:41 PM 8/1/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I downloaded the MicroSim programs from Orcad today, and after installing 
>them and playing around for a while I have come to the realization that I 
>have no clue what to do with these programs. They look like they could be 
>useful but I don't know how to use them so that doesn't help much. I thought 
>the schematics section of the programs was particularly interesting but the 
>parts that are listed in that program have little use in TC application and 
>many parts that would have use are simply not there. Is there anywhere I can 
>download parts libraries for this program that include TC parts such as 
>variable trans, RFI line filters, spark gaps, and a number of other parts 
>MicroSim doesn't have? And more importantly than that, what do I use these 
>programs for now that I have them....and how? I hope this email makes 
>Left, left, I hadda good brain but it left...