Spark gap resistance

Hi All,
 This is a quote from *Fleming's big book:
"Measurements of oscillatory spark resistance have also been made by G. Rempp. 
Rempp employed the Bjerknes resonance method above described, the secondary
circuit (details in book, which I don't have) being very loosely coupled with
the primary circuit containing the spark gap.  He employed rather small
capacities, 270 to 6080 mmfds (270 pF to 6080 pF), and long spark gaps, 0 to 5
cms (0 to 2 inches roughly).  His chief result is that as the spark length
increases from zero the spark resistance falls to a minimum, which occurs at
about 3 mm. (0.118" or 1/8", 2.75 Ohm, 273 pF) for small capacities and 6 mm.
(0.236" or 1/4", 0.5 Ohm, 6080pF?) for large capacities, and that after this is
reached the spark resistance increases with spark length very rapidly for small
capacities, but much more slowly for larger capacities.  He found, as others
have done, that beyond a certain capacity the spark resistance ceases to
diminish with increase of capacity."
G. Rempp, Ann. der Physik, 1905, vol. 17, p. 627, or Science Abstracts, 1905,
vol. 8, A., p. 606.
*Don't know the name of the book.  Some kind of anthology (Bert do you have a
live copy of this book?).