Controller Construction

Hi Folks,

Being in the middle of construction of my controller cabinet I needed to do 
some testing on current draw "under fire" in order to select ballast 

Alas, the magnificent pair of inductors from the battery charger .....


	allow too much current for my planned large coil.

With the secondary of my large transformer shorted, we were looking at 
60-70 amps at full throttle :-(

NB:  Anyone in the South Australia area with a pig around the 15-20kVA 
range is welcome to these for the right price (just come and get 'em !)

Fortunately I have another pair of high current chokes which were perfect 
for my home brew pig HBP : http://www.adelaide-dot-net.au/~mefinnis/tf_rebuild.htm

This was the first real test run for the HBP, which was initially very 
conservatively rated at 5kVA, or so we thought.  Turns out this is *easily* 
true ........ I will be able to run this little piggy up to 10kVA for quite 
extended periods.  At 40 amps on the primary it just sits there and doesn't 
even blink ......... makes a pretty darn mean jacobs ladder though !!!!!!



PS:  note I have shifted my home page location.