Re: Primary Construction

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>    You could probably use #12 wire with little noticable diffrence from the
>Wintesla seems to be a little off on the calculations of the number of feet,
>at least
>for me. I went and got 20' of tubing and ended up with 7 turns when I was
>to get 8. I just plan on getting two 50' sections and making my next primary
>by joining
>the two together, unless I can find 100' of tubing.

I used Wintesla for my 6" secondary - 15/60 NST/01. mfd cap
coil specs and it originally called for 66' feet of 1/4" tubing with 
my initial plan of using a 15 degree primary. Since I went to the 
flat spiral primary, it dropped it down to 62 feet of tubing. I wound 
the primary with my girlfriend's help a few days ago and Wintesla 
was off by a few feet. It didn't matter though as I had bought 
two 50' coils of tubing and just used a nail with the head cut off to 
splice the additional 12 foot section together. Worked real good 
and the primary came out very well. Thank gosh for HDPE. :-) 

They might make 100' coils of 1/4" refrigeration tubing, but I've 
never seen them, just the 50 foot coils.



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