Re: First light, and a poor performance

Tesla List wrote:

> Steve,
> If the toroid is too small, multiple breakouts will occur no matter how
> smooth the toroid is.  The number of breakouts is directly related to
> toroid size and the amount of power.  A large enough element array
> will give only one streamer.  Smoothness may have some limited
> effect?  Also, I wouldn't think the ceramic caps would be *that* lossy,
> but who knows, (some ceramic caps are better than others).
> John Freau

    The number of breakouts was not caused by the size of the toroid as
when we
ran the system with a smaller, duct toroid breakout did not occure, the
breakouts were due to sharp points on the solder joints of the array. We
on a larger toroid for performance considerations, the maximum arc lenght was
increased around 10-20% by using a larger toroid, we feel that we have
about the
optimum size now as larger toroids still cause a fall off in performance.
for the caps, as far as I am aware they are standard barium titanate types. I
agree that the losses do seem a bit high, but I cannot think of anywhere
else they
may be comming from as we have checked virtually everything else.


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