Re: spark gap design

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "B**2" <bensonbd-at-erols-dot-com>

>     In the American Journal of Physics (if memory serves) an
> experiment was done to attempt to stabilize the wild cathode spot.
> The apparatus consisted of two flat rotating disks of (copper?)
> counterrotated at high speed.  A speed was found at which the cathode
> spot stabilized.  I think that the disks were edge on.  That is all I
> can recall as the article is under 3 meters of mail and hamfest
> goodies.  If I ever find it I will repost with a citation.
> Barry
> <<<  This is a very interesting thought!  I have never tried it but I will
> look into this.  Being able to move the arc along two surfaces would keep
> the arc in a cool region and even out gap wear.  I wonder it the magnetic
> forces will be able to overcome the path presented by the hot ionized gases
> but even just small push along the conductors by be enough to provide
> improment  --  Terry  >>>

There was also an article in IEEE Proceedings with respect to power
transmission by a moving arc for electric trains at high speed (at 200
m/sec, a brush won't stay in contact with the rail). They had some nifty
ideas where they stabilized the arc and moved it around the electrode
with a magnetic field.