Re: Spark Gap Gasses Experiment

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> Interesting.  I wonder if perhaps the purpose of the airflow is to cool 
> the metallic faces to keep hot "cathode spots" from forming.  Once a hot 
> spot would form, the breakdown voltage would be greatly reduced (just my 
 >guess) since the hot spot would then be maintained via metallic arc 
>(since all the energy would continue to flow through that location).  
> This operation is opposed to the conventional wisdom that the air blast 
> interrupts the damped waveform (which, according to Terry's 
> measurements, is not the case)...

Bill, Terry, all,

It is also interesting that static gaps often stop firing for awhile (when
the total gap spacing is wide) and
then start up again, by themselves.  I would think that if they are firing
at a reduced voltage as they heat, then they would not tend to stop 
firing once they start, yet they do.  Another mystery.

John Freau