Re: Transformers for tesla use?

At 05:59 31/08/98 -0600, Matthew Mills wrote:

>Anyway, thought I would ask a question to start with:
>I have found a couple of electronic surplus junk shops and at one the   
>proprietor has a number of large transformers rated at 5kva and 2000v   
>output, are these any good for tesla use (eg do you think I can rewire   
>them?  They are flattish and 20" x 12" in size.

As I have been in the very same junk store <BIG GRIN> I wonder the same
question... sort of ;-)

These are large beasts, designed to take primary supply up to 415V.  We are
240V and would only be using half of the primary ....... somewhat wasteful
I suspect.  It would be a big task rewinding a secondary, then by the time
you found a box big enough to fill with oil you would be better off with a
pig from the start.

Mind you, if you used *all* of the primary and wound a large secondary to
10 kV, it would handle a *lot* of current.

>Also there is a three   
>phase variac driven by a small DC motor, it is unusual to me in that the   
>coils are mounted on their sides , one atop each other with the contact   
>bar moving along all three coils as the motor turns.  Im not sure what   
>the rating is but was wondering whether i should be able to rewire the   
>connections to make it a single phase variac with 3 times the current   

Now this *IS* a great piece of kit ....... I came within an inch of buying
it on Saturday.  You most certainly can rewire the coils, each being rated
at 15A and this would be perfect for driving a small PP..... if you could
only buy one in Adelaide :-(
It is complete with a motor drive for the brush arms and has the original
rack mountings.  Ain't cheap !!

>Also If there is someone else out of the 500 or so people on 'the list'   
>who might be from this corner of the world, I am wanting to find out   
>where I may get supplies for making my HDPE caps here in Adelaide and   
>also about getting a pole transformer here?

Matthew, you know where to find me, I know plenty of good supply places ;-)