Re - Ball Lightning

>From:  Cabbott Sanders [SMTP:cabbott-at-cyberis-dot-net]
>Subject:  Hi All
>lot of extra cash and a hellava big project on my hands... to produce ball
>lightning using an out-of-phase dual tesla coil arrangment.

Kewl :-)

>My website still needs to be updated, but it details my design work.

Kewl web site...

>The primary frequency will be constant with both primaries... (both
primaries will
>be identical, hooked in series)
>however, the secondaries will be much different.
>one will resonate at double the frequency as its primary, and the other will
>resonate at 3 times the frequency of the primary.  the primaries (hooked in
>series) will act as a hammer to each coil, making each one ring at its own
>specific frequency.  Why you may ask?  well because... each coil will at
first be
>in sync... but as they ring, suddenly they become completely 180 degress
out of
>phase!! this sudden rise in potential gives way to a sudden direct discharge
>between coils.  this is the secret to artificial ball lightning
generation, as
>proven by Corumn and Corumn in 1991.

My thoughts on this is that if you have a region equaly distant from both
coils, but offset from the center line, the electric field vector their will
be a rotating at the sum and difference frequencies, causing ions to swirl
in the vortex.

The ion-cyclotron resonance of ionized air, in the Earth-ambient 1 Gauss
field, will be in the frequency difference range of the TC's. The excited
ions will absorb energy at their resonance (pressure-temperature-density and
energy will match the frequency) and not kink or pinch as in typical
filamentary discharges, but be diffuse and spherical in the diverging
electric field.

>However, they seem to think they have reached the  maximum current density
in the
>universe.... when actually they have just reached the maximum change in
>density. what happens when a plasma reaches this limit? ball lightning!

My understanding is that if you have enough energy, (since E=MC^2, energy
and mass are equivalent) space and time itself will warp, until it finaly
tears when it gets sucked down into a singularity, A.K.A 'black hole'. This,
I understand, requires a non-trivial energy source.

>okay... back to earth....

An interesting article on microwave oven ball lightning is:
"Experimental Investigation of Large Volume PIA Plasmas at Atmospheric
Pressure" by Brandenburg and Kline in vol26, 4/98 IEEE Transactions on
Plasma Science.

It describes how to put a spark plug in a microwave oven, which then
initiates a diffuse vortex discharge which persists with the right gas flow

Add a little CO2, and you could turn your microwave into a kewl CO2 laser :-)

BTW, what's the address of the laser list? Is anyone on it?