bargain or dead bird? (fwd)

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>  >I was offered tens of NST 8000 V varying from 30-50 mA for 13 U$ each
>  That's a pretty good deal.  Those will work fine in parallel.  Take the 
>  50mA units first!
>  >only. What about cascading them for higher voltage and switching them in
>  >parallel for higher current? 
>  Parallel is the only sensible way to connect them.  The insulation is not 
>  designed to survive a continuous two-times overvoltage condition.
Why can't you connect the primaries of two coils in parallel, then secondaries
in series to get 16kv difference, but only 8kv off ground??? As long as you
keep the cap and primary isolated from ground neither transformer should see
more than 8kv at a time (one sees +8kv while the other sees -8kv but neither
sees more than 8kv difference from ground) unless of course I am all screwed
up!!!  I am sure someone will tell me.

Jim Heagy