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>> has anyone tried to take apart large hv caps like mine (60 kv etc.) ,
>> the smaller segments and partly unwind them to make say 20 or 30 kv caps with
>> less capacitance so they could be used for tesla coils???????
>> jim heagy
>Richard Hull has a videotape where he did this with a utility
>power-factor correction capacitor. I looked at doing this with a surplus
>54 uF 15 KV polypropylene-kraft paper pulse cap, but it turned out that
>the cap was actually internally constructed as 28 identical ~2 uF
>modules connected in parallel, with none in series! Each element was
>constructed to run at 15 KVDC - not a typical pulse cap at all!
>Reconnecting these modules in series would have resulted in a 0.07 uF
>"bulletproof" cap. It depends to a large extent upon how the capacitors
>are internally constructed.


>Safe cappin' to you!
>-- Bert --

Bert's info is solid as a rock!  You really don't know what is inside an
old HV cap until you bust into it.  Only those units with series connected
cap packs are of much value.  I have made a number of nice caps up from
large value, moderate voltage caps.  For instance  I found a 2 ufd 6,000
volt cap one time which had 10 .2ufd seconds all in parallel.  I just series
the whole mess and wound up with a cap of .02ufd at 60,000 volts!! I still
use it.

Richard Hull, TCBOR