moderator note

Hi All,

	There are two consistent reason's I have to reject some posts.  These are:

File attachments - With 500 people on the list and close to 50 posts per
day that works out to 25,000 e-mails that the server has to send out every
day over a modem.  Obviously, if we send out attachments, the load will
overwhelm the server.  Please offer to send JPGs and files through private
E-mail, post the pics to your home page and give the address, or (as a last
resort) send them to me and I will post them.

The second problem is that sometimes people forget that their messages go
to all 500 people on the list and not just to who they want to reply to.
If you post really isn't of interest to the whole list, please directly
e-mail the person you want to reply to.  Also, short posts or posts that
don't really add to the discussion like "yes, I agree", "good idea",
"Thanks", etc. are rejected.

Other notes:

	If I do reject a post I always reply to the sender explaining why.

	I occasionally fix obvious spelling errors and add a blank line here or
there to improve readability.

	Once in a great while I may delete something "inappropriate" from a post,
if it doesn't alter the meaning of the message, and post it.  In these
cases, I always reply separately back to the sender explaining the change.

Other than these few areas, very few posts are rejected these days.  I
really want to thank everyone for making my job an easy one. :-)


	Terry Fritz