TC related papers

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I've been working on a book store for my home page as an additional resource for
Engineers, Scientist, Physicists, etc.. to shop for books at Amazon-dot-com.  I
currently have been working offline and have identified 100's upon 100's of books
which will aid in the normal search at Amazon. In other words, if your looking for
a book on "mutual inductance", you would find what your looking here for much
faster than searching for "mutual inductance" at amazon, since a search text does
not always match the topic of interest and you do not see all the books on the
subject which is available. After reading D.C.'s post, I thought I might as well
put up my Nikola Tesla page for anyone interested. This page is very much in the
"embryo" stage and is not nearly complete, but there are still quite a few books
and might be worth a look. What is nice about this is that the hot-link title will
take you directly to the particular book at amazon-dot-com which you can purchase
immediately if desired. Please note, pricing and availability I have chosen "not to
display" as these two entities will vary from time to time and make page updating
unmanagable. However, as soon as you click on the title hot-link, this information
will be immediately displayed. My internet address for Nikola Tesla related books
 http://www.geocities-dot-com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/3108/Nikola_Tesla.htm .

There is no link currently between my homepage and this page as I just put it up
tonight. As soon as I am finished offline, I'll put the multitude of remaining
pages which will provide a fast and efficient link to almost every Engineering,
Scientific, etc... book your looking for including all the classroom text books you
used in school. I hope everyone will find the above Tesla page as a valuable
resource. (and yes, I have included the Colorado Springs Notes and Richard Hulls
Guide to the Notes - lot's of other goodies too - however, I do not have many of
the books on Tesla which D.C. has referred to; yet!)
Hope you find useful,

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> Subject:  TC related papers
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> Members of this list might want to read the following papers on TC design
> theory.  You can usually obtain them thru your local library which does an
> inter-library search.  Tell them to go thru the physics dept library of a
> large university if possible.
> (1)     A High Potential Tesla Coil Impulse Generator for Lecture
> Demonstratio0ns and Science Exhibitions
>         Skeldon, Grant, & Scott   American Journal of Physics, 65 (8), Aug 97.
> (2)     A Radio-Frequency High Voltage Generator
>         D.H. Sloan    Physical Review, 47, 62-71, (1935).
> (3)     A Tesla Transformer High-Voltage Generator
>         C.R.J. Hoffman    Review of Scientific Instruments, 37, 159-162, (1966)
> (4)     Q of Solenoidal Coils
>         M.V. Callendar     Wireless Engineer, 24, 185, (1947)
> (5)     (book)     Pulse Generators
>         G.N. Glascoe & J.V. Leabacqz   McGraw-Hill, (1948)
> (6)     H.F. Resistance and Self-Capacitance of Single-Layer Solenoids
>         R.G. Medhurst      Wireless Engineer, 21, 80-92, (1947)
> (7)     Simple Inductance Formulas for Radio Coils
>         H.A. Wheeler     Proceedings of I.R.E., 16, 1398-1400, (1928)
> (8)     The Tesla Coil
>         J.B. Kelly & L. Dunbar, Sr.     American Journal of Physics, 20, 32-35,
> (1952)
> (9)     Modern Resonance Transformer Design Parameters
>         D.C. Cox     Tesla Book Company, Chula Vista, CA  (1986)
>         Also available thru International Tesla Society, POB 5636, Colorado
> Springs, CO  80931
> (10)    Tesla Coil Builder's Association (newsletter)     -- back issues
>         Harry Goldman, 3 Amy Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804