health hazords

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> Hi all
> Does any one on the list know the effects of ozone on the human body?.
> Also what other gasses are produced by an active Tesla coil and what
> harm can they do.
> Is it possible for a coil to produce X-rays when experimenting with
> different objects on top of a coil and having the streamers
> discharging through them eg light bulbs/fluorescent tubes/radio
> valve etc.
> Thank in advance
> Mike Tucknott.


(Effects of ozone on the human body-headaches!)
A few years back I was operating my coil in a "mad scientist" room in a
haunted house.  I operated the coil with no ventilation the first night.
The next mourning I had a monster headache. We mounted a large fan in a
window and solved the problem. Case in point- ozone is a poison gas, and
should be delt with accordingly. Some time ago I ran across an article
that said ozone in large amounts can kill brain cells, but I don't know
if that is a proven fact.  Make sure that you have good ventalation and
plenty of air movement to remove the ozone.

Hope this helps,