Two Toroid Test

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Ed, I just returned from business in Toronto. I read your post among the 100+
emails waiting for me. Cangratulations on your 92 inch spark length!!! That's
fantastic!! So, in conslusion to your oringinal reason for performing this
toroidal challenge, would you surmise that you are capable of acheiving a longer
spark length with this setup vs. the single toroid setup of equal capacitance?
hmmm, this appears an easy way to boost C-top instead of building one huge
enormous toroid. I wonder how this setup differs in a simple stack configuration.
Have you tried a comparison study? Again, outstanding report!! Hope all those
images turn out. Can't wait to see them.

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> Subject:  Two Toroid Test
> Well, we put some major run time on the coil tonight.  Finally, a night with
> no thunderstorms.  The goal here was to try the two toroid test in an attempt
> to cause the discharges to go up and away from the primary.  Based on testing
> that I had done with my small 3.0" coil, I learned it worked best with the
> large toroid on the bottom and the smaller toroid on top - not what I had
> guessed.  So I set it up with the 40" toroid mounted on the secondary, then a
> 14" tall x 20" dia. cylinder made from aluminum flashing, then the 33" toroid
> on top of that.  Sure enough, all the sparks came off the lower toroid and
> went straight down to the strike rail, primary coil and the cement.  So much
> for the earlier testing.
> I had plenty of power to break out both toroids with sparks starting about one
> half power.  The best tune was at turn 9.5 on the primary which is exactly
> what I had calculated - based on the 75% figure of adding the two toroid
> capacitances together and multiplying by .75 as in the article in the recent
> TCBA News.  Then I reversed the two toroids with the larger toroid on top now.
> It works great.  Virtually all the sparks leave from the upper toroid and go
> out and up.  I had no hits to the strike rail with this set up.
> I achieved a new record for this coil with discharges of 92" to a grounded
> wire.  Not bad, about 3.5 times the winding length of the secondary.  It was a
> great time.  I shot two rolls of film and maybe we can get some posted when I
> get them back.
> The best performance was with two of the new 1.6 ohm 1000 watt resistors in
> series for 3.2 ohms and in series with the inductive ballast variac.  I
> noticed after many minutes of run time, the new resistors were smoking like a
> bar b que.  Let me see, 40 amps through 1.6 ohms should be about 2,500 watts -
> I guess they should smoke a little.
> Big sparks in Spokane, Ed Sonderman