Arcstarter "strikes" in Dayton (fwd)

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> Subject: Arcstarter "strikes" in Dayton
> To All Coilers,
> Last evening Bill,(The Arcstarter), gave a Tesla coil program for the
> Daton Ham, (Sparkers), Club. He did a great job. We coilers were
> outnumbered by 25 to 2, but that didn't bother Bill one microamp! He
> played a Tesla vido and did a show & tell on his RQ spark gap and the
> mysterious spark gap he is creating. I am sure he will let the list in
> on his secrets when he gets this new design working.
> Bill got a well deserved round of applause!
> After the program Bill was surrounded and quizzed for over an hour. I'm
> sure some of the Hammers, (is hammers a correct term?), are already
> working on coils.
> Thanks again Bill, Great job from the Arcstarter!!
> Cliff
* "That which does not kill us will only make us stronger"
I think the term is "hamsters"
Bill  kb6jzf