New secondary

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<< Hi all
 Today I got first light from my new secondary coil.
 The salt water caps work fine with 4 obits in paralell,am getting 27"
 sparks to a grounded point from the toroid(20 3/4" * 4 1/4" at 22.3pF).
 The coil spec is as follows-
 pipe OD 4.3"
 wind lenght 22"
 AWG 22
 No turns 834
 H/D ratio 5.1:1
 frequency 456khz unloaded
           245khz loaded
 Can`t wait until Brian builds the new poly and foil cap.
 Cheers Mike Tucknott (Sparks in the UK)


Congratulations.  Sounds like a good project.  You will definitely see an
improvement with a poly cap over the salt water caps.

Ed Sonderman