Small tesla coil (1sq ft) findings

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according to my everready battery handbook the following are recommended
AAA cell - 20 ma
AA cell 25 ma
C 80 ma
D 150 ma
G 300 ma
LeClanche' (#711) 500 ma
LeClanche' (#742) 100 ma
"6" 1.5 amp (this is like an airplane glow plug battery)
LeClanche' (#222) 8 ma   (this is a typical 9V battery)

So, an aa cell will give you 1.5X.02=.03 watts, AA .0375 watts, C .12 watts,
D .225 watts, G .45 watts, and a "6" 3 watts.  A 9v 222 will give you .072
watts.  These are short duration contiuous power - good for a few hourss but
not days.  Short circuit current is higher - for example:
AAA 1 amp, or 2 hrs per day at 100 ma, with a 0.8V cutoff will give a life
of 1.8 days, or 60 minutes at 375 ma (e.g. about half a watt)
222 is good for 16 ma for 2 hrs per day with a 4.8 v cutoff voltage with a
life of 44 days

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>Just for a small assumption...  how many watts is a battery capable of
>supplying...  say a 9 volt battery.  Perhaps 4 double "A" batteries...
>I'm just wondering on the ability to produce a coil from a few small
>batteries and a flyback transformer.  Anyone ever tried this?  A small
>handheld coil would be neat.
>>Hi Jeff,
>>> From:  Jeff Corr [SMTP:corr-at-enid-dot-com]
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>>> Subject:  Re: Small tesla coil (1sq ft) findings
>>> >This post makes me think it could be time to resurrect Robert
>>> >Stephen's suggestion of a competition for small coils. I would
>>> >definitely be a starter in the bang for buck stakes. Whatthinks?
>>> Sounds interesting.  By "small coils" do you mean the primary and
>>> secondary or the entire setup... with chokes, without, what?
>>I guess I really mean lower power. One can't run 100W say into a 10"
>>coil and expect any output because the voltage developed would be too
>>low. Therefore one would want to use a small resonator with low
>>capacitance. I'd just be interested to see what is possible with say,
>>a primary energy fixed at some level and BPS unlimited. I think a lot
>>could be learned from such an exercise. I recently got better than
>>12" from a 5kV 30mA transformer. I didn't scope the BPS but it would
>>have been around 100, certainly not more. Perhaps it's something I
>>should pursue.