rolling caps

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 is it bad to just make the connections, one on the end of one plate and one
 the oppostie end of the other plate and roll it once?
That's how I do it.  I bolt on a piece of 1.5" wide aluminum flashing on the
inside plate (at the bottom end with the layers all layed out on a clean table
or floor covered with newspaper).  Cut the bolt off flush with the nut.  Then
I insert a couple of extra layers of poly about 3.0" wide as you start to roll
it up so the bolt doesn't damage the main poly.  Then roll it up as tight as
possible.  I put some nylon tie straps on to hold it then bolt the other piece
of aluminum flashing on the other plate, slide in another couple of layers of
poly under the bolt, then add more tie straps and tighten.

Ed Sonderman