rolling caps

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Sent:  Monday, June 22, 1998 7:22 AM
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Subject:  rolling caps

from an old message.....

"The second problem, rolling the capacitor consistently is necessary 
because you have to roll it up first, mark where the connections go, 
unroll it, put the connections on it, and roll it back up.  I use a piece 
of PVC pipe with a slot cut in it.  I put the end of the aluminum plate 
and plastic sandwich in the slot before rolling it up.  I use hose clamps 
to squeeze the pipe down so that it grips sandwich better.  Once I have 
the pipe on the end, I roll the thing up with the pipe in the middle.  
If you hold the pipe in something such as a vice or lathe chuck, you can 
roll up the capacitor, mark it, unroll it, and re-roll it so that the 
marks line up properly."

is it bad to just make the connections, one on the end of one plate and one
the oppostie end of the other plate and roll it once?