Measuring secondary voltages and currents

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Subject:  Measuring secondary voltages and currents

Hi All,
        For the last few weeks I have been experimenting with a new method
of measuring secondary voltages and currents.  The web page with the paper
is at:


The paper is:
"A Method to Measure Secondary Voltages and Currents of Tesla Coils"


	A new method of analyzing the voltage and current fields generated by Tesla
coils is described.  This method allows for the accurate measurement of the
potential and current of the output through the use of field sensing
antennas.  This method allows analysis of a coil's output with the following

1.	This method can accurately measure and analyze the characteristics of
output arcs, output potential and secondary current in real time.

2.	The measurement bandwidth is approximately 100 MHz with phase
relationships preserved.

3.	The antennas used are inexpensive, easily made, and have no critical or
difficult adjustments.

4.	There is no contact (electrical or physical) to the coil to disturb the
system being measured.

5.      The characteristics and design of this system have been analyzed
using standard design methods.  The principles of operation are well understood.

Hopefully, this new measurement method will allow revolutionary advances in
Tesla coil analysis and design.  

         Terry Fritz