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 i have been searching for oil for a good 3 months now and i have finally
 found some!  yesterday i called 10 places, each of them referring me to
 someone else.  Well, one of the places will sell me mineral oil in 5 gallon
 buckets for $29.75.  There are two different versions, Thuban 90 and Thuban
 140, they have different viscosities.  Does this type of oil ring a bell
 for anyone?  I don't want to end up buying something i can't use.  I also
 asked him about transformer oil and they only come in 55 gallon drums,
 which is a bit more than i can afford right now.  Well, any info that you
 guys have would be great, thanks!  Once i get my mineral oil, my tesla coil
 will begin it's final stages......very exciting....

Glad to hear your coil is nearing completion.  I bought the oil for my caps
from the local Chevron jobber.  It is transformer or high voltage oil and
comes in 5 gal buckets.  I think it cost about $30.00 or $35.00.

I haven't heard of Thuban.  You want the oil to be relatively thin - like 5 or
10 weight motor oil viscosity.

Ed Sonderman