Is every tesla coil a magnifier?

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Fr. Tom wrote:
> Ultimately, I 
>think that even the classic TC is actually something of a magnifier 
>in disguise. A good TC design might entail a closer coupled
>primary/base SEGMENT of what we normally think of as the 
>Actually, I believe the *base* of the TC secondary is the secondary 
>of the driver segment, and what we think of as the top of the 
>secondary is in reality the extra coil segment.

This seems valid.  Perhaps this (partially?) explains the reduction in 
the optimal h/d ratio as d gets larger.  It seems like the turns higher 
up the secondary have essentially no magnetic coupling with the primary 
(gradual coupling reduction not withstanding).  Thus - they'd be 
operating in magnifier mode from the lower secondary windings.

My $0.02 in a declining market.

-Bill Pollack (arcstarter)
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