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At the Teslathon I was fascinated by your RSG.  I had always assumed that constructing an RSG required the skills of a machinist plus a big bankroll, so I was reluctant to make one.  However, your gap was so simple & efficient I've begun to think perhaps I can build one after all.

I'm curious about the size of your tank capacitor.  If you're running 14 Amps at 240VAC, that corresponds to 305ma at 11KV.  According to Wintes3.1, you need .088uf to impedance match that at 50Hz.  Were you using .088uF?  I thought your cap was smaller than that.  That's what I'm getting at.  Does the RSG somehow allow the system to process more power with less cap?


Suffolk, UK

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> From:  Gregory R. Hunter [SMTP:ghunter-at-enterprise-dot-net]
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> Dear List,
> Ever since I saw an RSG in operation at the UK Teslathon, I've been 
> contemplating building my first RSG.  I'm curious though, about the 
> relationship between optimum tank cap value and RSG break rate.  
> Instinct tells me that at high or very high break rates, the tank 
> capacitor must be smaller than one optimized for a static gap system.  
> Does anyone have a rule or formula for selecting best cap size based 
> on both power supply and RSG break rate?
> Greg
> Suffolk, UK

>From the amp meter on my coil the speed/break rate does not affect the 
current.    I can run the rotary slow or fast and it still reads
12-15 amps.   What does affect the current is the size of the electrodes.
This must be due the the change in duty cycle/dwell time.  With fat 
electrodes the current is higher than with thin electrodes.

When you saw the rotary it was fitted with 1/8" tungsten stationary
electrodes and spark output was lower than when I had 1/4" steel bolts
fitted.   I have reached 48" spark output with the steel bolts only -
problem is they keep melting.  Dont forget that my rotary has multiple
make/break cycles per mains cycle.  Ive scoped 6 per mains cycle giving
a break rate of 300 and motor speed of 9000RPM.

Julian Green