Strike Rail

From:  Vivian [SMTP:V.C.Watts-at-btinternet-dot-com]
Sent:  Tuesday, June 16, 1998 6:14 PM
To:  Tesla List
Subject:  Strike Rail

Hello All,
    As I am expecting to give a demo of my coil to a few friend this weekend
I decided to clean it up.  The copper pipe had become corroded by
finger prints and the like.  So I cleaned it all up and while I was at it I
tidied the plumbing to the strike rail.  Well having put it back together
fired it up,  DISASTER.  Sparks shooting of the secondary and between
windings (8" in the middle).  So I checked all connections but nothing was

The strike rail is 10mm copper pipe and mounted at the outer most
diameter and about 2" above the primary
(See http://www-dot-netcomuk.co.uk/~wwl/uktesla.html perspex masterpiece).

The strike rail is not a complete turn with about 2" gap to avoid shorted
turn problems.
I changed it from the picture.  This time my plumbing came up to the rail
via a nice curve then fitted into a right angle joint (running
horizontally).  I concluded it could only be due to this.  So instead of the
right angle pipe joint I curved it with a radius of about 3".  Now the
problem has gone away.

The reason for passing on this info is that I know some people have suffered
from breakout in the middle of the secondary but I do not recall any mention
of strike rail geometry's as possible problems.


Viv Watts UK.