Warthog coil pictures

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> Subject:  Re: Warthog coil pictures
> This coil has been pushed to 14 kw, and can go further. 
> Specs on the Warthog:
> Primary: Approximately 11 turns of 1/2 inch copper tubing, 15 degree conical

Bert & Bill, 

Go out and rent a pavement roller and drive over that 15 degree 
conical primary.  For what you are trying to achieve now, a perfectly 
flat spiral can be adjusted to give just as much K as your coil will 
stand while also giving you a bit extra clearance that you will now 
need for maximum voltage holdoff.

On the new proposed 'bigger' big topload, Here here! : )
Good luck, BTW I really enjoyed the Warthog pictures!

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