Idea for Tesla Coil Mailing List

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	OK, from the few responses I have received so far it sounds like a good idea.
Email me at ESchulz531-at-aol-dot-com or the tesla list with your list of places of
where to get tesla coil parts.  If you email it directly to me it will cut
down on the tesla coil mailing list traffic.  Although if you emailed it to
the tesla list you might get a comment from somebody else.  Be sure if you
give the name of a company or store to at least give a phone number.  An
address would also be good.  World Wide Web addresses would be the best thing
to give because it allows people to easily find out what a company sells.

Here is a list of parts to give some people ideas.

HV Capacitors
Transformers large, small, Pole pigs, and NSTs
Magnet wire
Pipe - PVC, poly, etc.
Dielectrics - Poly, PVC, plexi glass etc.  sheets and rolls
Insulating fluids - transformer oil, oliv oil, etc.
Large wire or copper tubing for primary coil.
Ground rods
HV epoxy or resin.
Regular Epoxy or resin.
HV sprays
Electrodes for spark gaps
Motors for rotary spark gaps
Fans for spark gaps
Triodes - aluminum ducting
Aluminum tape
HV probes for Oscilloscopes
HV Diodes for a primary DC charging system
RF chokes
Resistors - High voltage and low voltage high current
Books on Tesla coils

More Dielectrics, More capacitors, More transformers

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