Warthog coil pictures

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>  Bert:
>  Your pics are awesome.  Wish I'd been able to attend your get-together...
> (That was you, right?  I had just subscribed to this list then...)

Thanks - yep that was me.

>  As it happens, I'm in the process of building a coil with very
> similar specs, though my PP has a bit more voltage - rated 22,900 vac with
> 120/240 input; I figure hooking up to the 280 posts on my variac will give
> me about 27,000 volts.

Nothing wrong with 22, 900 volts, as long as your caps can handle it and you 
have a gap that can break and quench it.

>  Too bad - after seeing your pics, it occurred to me that perhaps I 
> should try to emulate the warthog, until I realized this difference.  I
> suppose just changing one thing like that sort of negates any coincidental
> similarities.

The trend is for larger systems to use higher voltages.  Just be forewarned that 
quenching is tougher.  Your transformer will be very good for magnifier work, 
which does work well at higher input voltages.

>  Congrats.
>  ('Course, I could still emulate it, I guess, and just hold voltage down
> on the input side...but you know, humans have this incorrigible tendency
> to turn the knob further to the right...or, at least, I can speak for
> myself...)

>  ;-)
>  My PP is rated at 10 kVA; I take that to mean that when it's sitting on
> top of a pole, in Phoenix, in August, with no wind, and full sun, it will
> do 10 kVA all day long without melting.  I'll bet it will do 15, or 20,
> for short periods of tesla-izing (like you can run a variac {far} over
> rated output for short periods...?!

You can run a 10 kva pig up to 30 kva in Tesla duty.  Be aware that *some* 
pigs will saturate and wimp out before this power level.  I'd bet money yours will 
do at least 20 kva.

>  Really, really cool coil.  Congrats again.
>       Clay

Bert Pool