Warthog coil pictures

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> WOW!
> Bert, I'm sitting here in awe!  These pics may be some of the best I've
> seen and comparable to Bill Wysocks (not in length, but definately in
> glory!). 

Thanks for the accolades on the coil.  Wild Bill is our master tuner.

>I'm really wondering what this "BIG WARTHOG" is gonna do outside
> when it's set in an environement without walls. I bet you can go over the
> 15 feet. This just looks great!!!  So what the is the toroid comprised of?
> what were those dimentions? The first pic and the rest are definately
> different toroids. Hey, everyone!! If you haven't checked out Bert and
> Wild Bills Warhog Coil, let me be the first to tell you "your missing
> out".

First outside run will be Thursday, weather permitting.  We expect 13 to 14 foot 
sparks, though we'll take any 15 footers that might pop out.  We'll be stacking all 
our toroids to obtain maximum top load, and we know that won't be enough.

> Bert and Bill, SUPER COIL!  Congrats on an extremely nice performer. In
> your own "professional opinions", how do you seriously feel about this
> coil? Is it performing as you expected? Do you feel like it hasn't been
> pushed to it's max or is hindering what it could do in some way? Of
> course, we all feel this way (a little bit) no matter what type of
> peformance we get. Is the Warthog performing "better" than you expected?

This coil has been pushed to 14 kw, and can go further.  It wants an even 
bigger top, though you'd think 6 feet by 22 inches would be large enough.  I 
asked Bill how big a top he thought the Hog could run, and his reply was "how 
big of a top can you build?"  Next top will be 10 feet in diameter, 4 foot cross 
section - one of the largest toroids I've ever seen.  Would you believe it will be a 
wooden frame covered with chicken wire?

Specs on the Warthog:

Secondary: 19 inches in diameter, 57 inches in length, close wound 14 gauge 
enamel wire

Primary: Approximately 11 turns of 1/2 inch copper tubing, 15 degree conical

Capacitors:  three and sometimes four 0.021 ufd pulse discharge caps in 

Transformer: 14.4kv using a 15 kva pig

Ballast: approximately 1 ohm resistive ballast (nichrome wire with forced air 
cooling) in series with two large 6 gauge air core inductive ballasts (air core 
chokes cannot saturate), controlled with a 100 amp variac stack.

Spark gap: tungsten rotary, 8 flying, two stationary.  In series with a five 
cylinder static gap comprised of 3 inch diameter copper pipe sections.

Toroid: constructed of styrofoam insulating board cut into disks and covered 
with aluminum screen wire.  Designed and assembled by Bert Pool, covered by 
the attendees of the 1998 Texas Teslathon (I made them work for their supper!)

Maximum spark length attained to date: frequent 12 foot sparks, building limited.

I'll be posting more pics in the next couple of days.

> Great pics, thanks for sharing,
> Bart
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> > For those who are interested, I have just posted a few pictures of the
> > Warthog Tesla coil on my Webpage.  These show the new 6 foot toroid (22
> > inch cross section) and some 12 foot sparks.  Wild Bill is going to move
> > this coil outdoors in the next few days and see whether we can push the
> > sparks out to 15 feet.  I'll be posting more pics soon.
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