Warthog coil pictures

From:  Larry Bud Melman [SMTP:gasman-at-althea.a-line-dot-net]
Sent:  Monday, June 15, 1998 4:10 PM
To:  Tesla List
Subject:  Re: Warthog coil pictures


	Your pics are awesome.  Wish I'd been able to attend your get-together...
(That was you, right?  I had just subscribed to this list then...)

	As it happens, I'm in the process of building a coil with very
similar specs, though my PP has a bit more voltage - rated 22,900 vac with
120/240 input; I figure hooking up to the 280 posts on my variac will give
me about 27,000 volts.

	Too bad - after seeing your pics, it occurred to me that perhaps I 
should try to emulate the warthog, until I realized this difference.  I
suppose just changing one thing like that sort of negates any coincidental



	('Course, I could still emulate it, I guess, and just hold voltage down
on the input side...but you know, humans have this incorrigible tendency to
turn the knob further to the right...or, at least, I can speak for myself...)


	My PP is rated at 10 kVA; I take that to mean that when it's sitting
on top of a pole, in Phoenix, in August, with no wind, and full sun, it will
do 10 kVA all day long without melting.  I'll bet it will do 15, or 20, for 
short periods of tesla-izing (like you can run a variac {far} over rated output
for short periods...?!

	Really, really cool coil.  Congrats again.