Building Transformer & flux density

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>	I am building a transformer for my tesla coil.  
>I need to figure out the cross sectional area of the iron core.  
>This would be related to max flux density in iron.
>ok I measured a NST and a H&R transformer and found
>for NST B = 7.34 Tesla
>for H&R B = 5.86 Tesla
>5.86 and 7.34 Tesla seem kind of high to me.  Am I missing 
>a factor or two?  Does this sound right?  Is all the physics good?

Sounds high to me for common silicon steel. I remember values like 10K gauss
for saturation of common cores, and lower depending on the batch. Some
nickle (super permalloy, permendure?) go up to 100K Gauss (1 Tesla=10,000
gauss). Metglass can handle
10's of Tesla's at >1MHz! I need it!

Why do you want to build a NST???