New cap test run

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 Dear Ed,
 Congratulations!  It sounds like you are getting just about maximum
 performance out of your new coil configuration.  I hope you have
 insulation discs inside the secondary coil form (preferably 1/4 up
 from the bottom turn, a middle disc, and 1/4 down from the top turn.)
 These should be at least 1/2" lucite or other plastic, sealed with
 silicon (RTV.)  This will help insure that you don't fry the inside of
 your coilform.  As for the transformer, if yours is the kind thart has
 a removable inspection cover, you'll (typically) see down inside
 through the transformer oil, a tap switch knob, marked as "1"
 through "5" for positions.  If your transformer has the manufacturer's
 label on the side, you'll see that tap position # 1 equals 100%,
 i.e., the highest voltage setting on the high voltage winding.  Often,
 as originally set by the power utilities, these transformers are set
 to tap position # 3.  As Bert Pool would say, "safe coiling to you,"
 and I hope you post images of your success, for all of us to see.
 BTW:  Watch out for the neighbors!
 Best Regards,
 Bill Wysock >>


Thanks again for your help in fixing my problems.  I do have the top and
bottom of the coil sealed with a 1/4" acrylic disk.  Hope I don't smoke this
secondary.  If I do, it would be time to build the next larger version.

Ed Sonderman