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to: Julian

You should run a pair of commercial RF filters in series -- 2 stage EMI
supression.  Also a 1 1/2 size ferrite toroid with aprox 2 turns on each
leg of your power wires (hot and neutral) will help reduce any additional
RF.  It's also a good idea to use a few varisters from each line to ground
at the xmfr input power points.  This along with a 1 K, 50 watt resistor
off each xmfr bushing will help to keep RF kickback into the power lines at
a minimum.  Don't forget to invite your neighbors over for a free BBQ
sometime soon -- if they understand what you are doing and think your work
is "cool" they are not so likely to think of you as a "geek" whose sole
intent is to destroy their TV reception while they are watching their
favorite prime time shows -- and be sure to find out when they watch the
most and don't run during those times.  Trying hard to be a "good neighbor
with an interesting hobby" goes a long way towards reducing the
neighborhood pest syndrome.


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> > hi all
> > 	The nearest neighbor came and told us we are causing interference on
> > TV and cordless phone. We are in a brick built garage with a 20 foot or
> > overhead extension cable which is running next to the TV aerial. We are
> > using any chokes or emi filters yet. Could the lack of chokes  be
> > the interference?  We have 2 6 amp emi filters which we can use in
> > if needed. Would moving the power lead down to ground level putting it
> > conduit and rerouting it away from the TV aerial help? Maybe running at
> > other than at prime time TV time might help. Like 2 am.
> > many thanks. 
> > 
> > bob golding lightning without rain
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> > 
> You need filters to protect you NST.   As for the interference your
> is probably too close - especially if you want to do some serious
> Moving the power lead down to ground level might help, but my coil 
> causes interference from 50 feet and then dropps off quickly.   Do a walk
> test with a radio tuned to the resonant frequency of your coil.
> Watch out when your coil streamers strike large conductive objects.  The
> arc generates lots of splatter which radiates nicely from the conductive
> object.
> Another 2am coiler
> Julian Green