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Hello Michael and all in the UK.

If you look at my web site (www.ttr-dot-com) go to the pages on Model 12.
I produced the full size Model 12 (running 1/2 lambda in the tank circuit,)
in 1992, and demostrated it at the 5th bi-annual International Tesla
Society's Symposium, at Colorado Springs.  That system is now
set up in Japan.  In 1996, I produced the "mini-Model 12" coil which
is also two opposed 1/4 lambda secondary coils, with the two primary
coils series connected in one tank circuit.  The full size Model 12
is capable of producing over 35 foot long arcs between the two
secondary corona rods, and the mini-Model 12 produces arcs up
to 6 feet in length.  BTW, ITS has the white paper I wrote on the 
of the full sze Model 12 coil, and I believe you can obtain a copy of that
article throught the links page to ITS, at the bottom of my home page.

Best Regards,

Bill Wysock
Tesla Technology Research

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Subject: BI-pole
Date: Wednesday, June 10, 1998 7:46PM

From:  Michael Tucknott [SMTP:Michael.Tucknott-at-virgin-dot-net]
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Subject:  BI-pole

Hi all
The other day I was talking to Brian le page about building a Bi-polar
Tesla coil.
I think that I`ve only seen one picture of one(Think it was Bert
most if not all of the web sites that I`ve looked at have no mention of
Have any of you ever built a coil of this type and if so what advantages
disadvantages do thay have over the classic style.
Any info on these coils would be of interest,even if we don`t get round
to building one.

Cheers Mike Tucknott (UK coiler)