Griffith Park TC and "Odin Coil"

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Sent:  Wednesday, June 10, 1998 11:40 PM
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Subject:  Re: Griffith Park TC and "Odin Coil"

Michael Baumann asked if any others had been inspired into coiling by the Griffith Park coil. I was, for one, as I mentioned to Bill Wysock yesterday. It really made a lasting impression, as evidenced by how accurate my recollections were after about 40 years.

On another subject - Michael Tuchnott asked about bipolar coils, and that reminded me of an article in an old electronics magazine - I don't remember which - that described not only a Tesla coil but one that they referred to as an Odin Coil. The Odin Coil appeared to be a horizontal Tesla coil with the primary positioned around  the middle of the secondary, and a  discharge sphere wired to each end. Is that similar to a bipolar Tesla coil?

Terry Perdue