First Coil - No Sparks

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   In my last post, I failed to mention one factor in tuning your coil.  You
have wound a coil with a fairly high Q value as compared with using 24g wire.
The implications of this are that you will get a higher output once you have
found the exact tuning point, but the output drops off very quickly as you
move the tap away from that point.    You may need to have a grounded target
very close to the top of your coil to see the output as you approach the
"sweet spot" of your primary.  Once you get close, you can move the target
farther away from the top and start fine tuning your coil.  I am forced to
tune my coil in this manner as I fried my o-scope(non -Tesla coil related).
   I created a similar situation with my coil(using 19g wire).   I found that
I have to be within a few inches of the perfect spot on my primary to get any
output.  You may have to try many times to find that perfect tuning point on
your primary to max the output.  You may have to be within a quarter of a turn
just to see any output.
Never give up :)
Mike H.