Tesla ? coil - Griffith Observatory

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Given Bill's comment, and others.. I have to ask -
who else here was given the 'coiling' bug by the Griffith Observetory
[My introduction was in the early seventies .. pre-teen, it only took
me 20+ years to scratch together the components for a bigger coil. I
settled for ignition coil like systems for most of that time :)]

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> To Bill Noble an all who have written on this thread:
> I do have personal knowledge of this coil, going all the way back
> to 1956.  It was the *first* Tesla Coil I ever saw in my life; and
> it changed my "life" from that day forward!  I have written to the
> List in the past, that the coil at the Griffith Observatory, was my
> "leaping off" point, when it comes to "coiling" (a phrase that must
> be 'trade-marked' by R. Hull and the TCBOR group.)  I also wrote
> about posting to the List, my *first* experience, of trying to
> emulate the Griffith Observatory coil, on a smaller scale.  I still
> don't have time to do that, but after reading all the responses RE:
> the Griffith Coil, I felt it was appropriate to post this message.
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