H-Bridge Rotary. Was Last Erg.

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> Bert and all ...
> Let me try to explain why I think I won't need ballasting,
> even with a pig. Of course the last laugh has been on
> me before, but this time I think I have an airtight case.
> A short description of my setup - it has been some
> time since the last go round [:-)
> A variac feeds the HV transformers, as we still need
> voltage control to keep things from getting out of hand.

With a pole pig you have just developed a short. There is no
current limiting internal to a pig or external in this
configuration. All you would do here is vary the ac mains
voltage to the pig, but the current is not limited. You would
need to add series resistance of some type (resistor,
inductive load, something...).  AC mains + primary "pig"
winding - ballast = short.

BTW, liked the cap feed configuration. Interesting approach.
I'm not exactly sure how this would improve or degrade
performance, but it is an interesting approach.

BTW again, no need to reply on my other request for
elaboration on the H-bridge. I get it now.

Take care,