Secondary Coil Turns

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> To all,
> In many postings I have read, the general advise is to not exceed about
> 1,000 turns on the secondary of disruptive TCs.  For example, Bert Pool's
> excellent "Building Conventional Tesla Coils" states secondary coils should
> be at least 400 turns, but no more than 1,000 turns.
> Question:  If the length to diameter ratio is kept within reason (3-5:1),
> why not use 1,200 or 1,500 turns?  At least this would lower the operating
> frequency which is advantageous, even if secondary voltage doesn't increase
> much.  Has someone done experiments which indicate about 1,000 turns is the
> point of diminishing returns?
> Thanks in advance for comments,
> --Steve

Steve, good question. This is one of those grey areas I've also wondered about.
I'm suspecting that a coil with say 1,500 turns would build a pretty high dc
resistance based on the length and the reduced wire diameter to keep a coil
within "ratio's". Probably not advantagous. My secondary using 18awg, 12.5"
diam., measured 16.2 ohms (calc to be 16.4ohms). I think it wise to keep the dc
resistance as low as possible. I would like to comment more here, but there
have been some fantastic postings recently which has got me re-thinking "every"
aspect of how a TC operates. I hope others comment here and shed more "spark"
on the statement of the 1,000 turn limit. Anyone?