H-Bridge Rotary. Was Last Erg.

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      I take back what I earlier said:

> Hi Larry,
>             I had a similar idea to yours several years ago and 
> popped the question to an experienced coiler at the time. He said he 
> had tried exactly the same thing and got kickbacks that blew 
> lightbulbs in a neighbour's house! His initial thought was that he 

I didn't read your proposal carefully enough :(  I think your scheme 
will be a go if the storage cap is large compared with the resonance 

My apologies,

> > A variac feeds the HV transformers, as we still need
> > voltage control to keep things from getting out of hand.
> > HV AC goes straight to a diode bridge, then through an
> > RF filter to a storage cap, 1.8uF -at- 60 kV. The primary
> > resonance cap is alternately pulse charged positive and
> > negative repetitively by the rotary gap. This primary cap
> > is now 0.012 uF, so each bang takes about 1% of the
> > energy in the storage cap.
> > 
> > There is never any short across the transformer output
> > as there is when the gap fires on an AC coil. The faster
> > the rotary turns, the more times per second the small
> > cap is charged; and the more current is necessary to
> > keep the storage cap full, but the transformer never sees
> > intermittent low impedance loads, and thus, I say, doesn't
> > need a current limiter.
> > 
> > Except in case of component failure, where I'm hoping
> > a circuit breaker will do.
> > 
> > Cheers ...
> > LR