First Coil - No Sparks

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Sent:  Wednesday, June 10, 1998 6:35 AM
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Subject:  Re: First Coil - No Sparks

    I did a quick calculation for your coil.  Assuming that your primary inner
diameter is six inches, I estimate that your tuning should occur at about 11 -
12 turns.   It won't hurt to try tapping down a couple of turns to see if it
brings you in to tune.  You may wish to be safe a set your variac to about 70
-80V while doing this to prevent any overvoltages from causing damage to your
neon and/or caps.   I would suggest that you keep your primary's innermost
turn about level with the bottom of the secondary to start with and make
coupling adjustments after you find the tapping point that produces the best
Hope this helps,
Mike Hollingsworth(Hollmike)