The last erg

From:  L.Robertson [SMTP:LWRobertson-at-email.msn-dot-com]
Sent:  Sunday, June 07, 1998 10:11 PM
To:  Tesla Builders
Subject:  The last erg

Hi folks...

 I reconfigured my DC coil to use only 0.012 uF ,
thus increasing available PPS . Using .025 uF
I could only get about 150 PPS out of the two
15kV 60 ma NSTs even with resonant charging.
I had to reduce my top load to a 4" X 24" home 
made torus to get resonance.

Starting out at a few PPS multiple sparks shot out
around the torus , probably 8 or more simultaneously.
As the H-bridge rotary ramped up and DC power
was increased the sparks coalesced at around 200
PPS into only one which roiled around striking

I could vary the length of the streamer with power
from a foot long to good solid 48 inch connects to 
grounded objects. Decrease the power and still one
streamer would dance around as long as the spark
gap was alight. 

The gap runs very reliably, and exhibits a sort of 
'hystereses' effect where it will either not fire at all
at low voltage or it fires at every presentation above
some threshold voltage. There seems to be no setting
where it fires intermittently. Maximum speed is 230
PPS. I hope to build one to bring the rate up to 400
PPS or so sometime soon. At least when I move to
a pole transformer I won't need to worry about current
limiting - the gap speed sets the power consumption.

Unfortunately my coil has outgrown my garage. Guess
it's time to invest in a shed.