Tesla ? coil - Griffith Observatory

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The Griffith Observatory TC is briefly described in their web page which is
griffithobs-dot-org/tour.htm.  The tour describes the various exhibits in their
Hall of Science.  Look in the West Wing section.  They believe it was built
in the 1920s for vaudeville, and was donated in 1937 to the observatory. 
As I recall it, it stands about 5 ft tall, about 4 ft across the base
tapering to about 1 ft at top.  It looks like it is wound with a few
hundred turns of very heavily insulated (1/4 inch diameter? wire, as I
recall from trips there many years ago). It uses a RSG and a whole shelf
full of glass leyden jar capacitors.


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> the coil at the Griffith Observatory (in griffith park, in the Hollywood
> hills) is half of an older coil - it is run daily for visitors.  There is
> data sheet available on the coil - perhaps the observatory has a web
> I haven't checked for that.  The original coil had two tapered
> and the primary in the middle, if I remember the brochure correctly.
> And,yes, the coil is still there.
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